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TeleSource is your Professional
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No business transformation is successful without an engaged leadership, workforce and partners. Cloud Transformation is an enabler of what’s possible and what’s next in business engagement and customer experience. We offer guidance through every stage of an organization’s business transformation.

We have over 20 years of delivering exceptional experiences as global IT executives, helping managed service providers, network operators, telecoms, large enterprises, mid-market to SMB and software-as-a-service providers expand their capabilities both domestically and internationally. TeleSource was founded to bridge the gap between traditional staffing and a reliable, contingent workforce by providing flexible, on-demand, IT services worldwide.

We provide qualified certified software application architects, developers, UX/UI experts, business analysts, user adoption consultants, hardware engineers and global field services teams that specialize in large-scale technology migrations, deployments, support and remediation. We work with your teams to provide quality support in over 90 countries. Regardless of the location of your Corporate HQ, Datacenter, Public Cloud Providers, remote branches or home offices, we can provide the resources to realize an extraordinary experience.

When it comes to ‘Rollouts’ of new technology, TeleSource has a long track record of success. We can provide global support for in-place teams or build scalable teams for customers including managed service providers to check-in/check-out on-site techs and ensure that devices are appropriately configured. These services have continued to bring customers ‘across the finish line’ across different technologies, platforms and projects.

Digital Signage and IP-based Camera Technology Services help customer accurately count customers, track dwell time and beef up security. TeleSource has the resources to manage and support your camera technology installations. We understand that success depends on proper camera placement and quality workmanship at scale, which we deliver.

TeleSource helps global managed service providers (MSP) and IT services companies leverage cloud-based field services management platforms such as WorkMarket and Field Nation to scale as resource demands fluctuate. We work with you to implement, integrate and enable field services management platforms in your environment so you can extract the full commercial power and technical benefits of the platform.

We help you create pro formas, develop talent pools, align expectations around deliverables, develop scheduling strategy and costs basis for field technicians. It is superior global project management and coordination resources while minimizing the complexity of a contingent workforce. By partnering with TeleSource, you can maintain productivity and continue business operations leveraging our expertise, solutions and Ecosystem.

Our ‘Key’ Professional Services Solution Competency Areas are as follows:

  1. Global Dispatch, Break/Fix: Digital Signage, IP-based Security Cameras, Point of Sale (POS)
  2. Desktop Transformation:
    1. Microsoft: Active Directory, Windows 10, Office 365 & Azure
    2. Citrix: Virtual Desktops & Applications, WEM, Cloud, ADC (NetScaler) & Hypervisor (XenServer)
  3. Rollout Services: Large-scale, Remote support, Deskside (UCaaS, VoIP, Video)
  4. Dedicated project management
  5. Transformation to Cloud Platform service
    1. Cloud Rescue
    2. Cloud Readiness
    3. Cloud Migration
  6. Bi-directional ticket support for client-provided tools (ie; Service Now, SFDC, Oracle)
  7. Efficiently navigating the challenges of global deployments
  8. IP Camera Technology Services include:
    1. Installation and full testing aof any camera technology, including:
      1. Remote engineering support
      2. Full system positioning and test out
      3. Continuous system support
      4. Troubleshooting ‘after’ initial installation
    2. Locating, sourcing and fully vetting appropriately skilled camera technology technicians for each installation
    3. Fully managing each installation from inception to final billing based on project (SOW) requirements including;
      1. Ticket process and management
      2. Camera technology technician check-in/out
      3. Camera technology technician remote support
      4. Escalation management
      5. Test and Turn-up
      6. Deliverables collection and auditing
  1. Global Datacenter Support Services, including:
    1. Infrastructure migrations (applications and hardware)
    2. Racking and stacking equipment
    3. On-demand and emergency support
    4. Certified or special facilities access
    5. Multi-Carrier Circuit Provisioning Support for all network technologies including SD-WAN (Software-Defined-WAN) and Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. Fully managed support calls from inception to final billing including:
    1. Ticket processing and management
    2. Datacenter technician check-in/out/remote support
    3. Escalation management
    4. Deliverables collection and auditing
  3. Global Advisory Services
    1. Contract pricing and negotiations to help you achieve the best pricing outcomes
    2. Development of client-facing presentations for sales pursuit teams that address the complexities of delivering global solutions
    3. Establishment of strategic global partnerships to expand the breadth and depth of your global presence.
    4. Creation of a global alliance and partnership models that give you the flexibility you need to deliver global solutions.

“We had production application performance issues that our in-house tools had been unable to resolve. After engaging TeleSource Professional Services, contracting a network health check, and viewing the ‘live’ performance data, we were able to determine the root cause of key issues and to remediate them, successfully capitalizing on our existing infrastructure.”

CIO, Gulfstream Marine, Inc.

We take our customers through a very different ‘personalized’ experience that ensures accurate sharing of information and vendor accountability, ensuring thoughtful execution of informed decisions in a timely manner, reducing non-revenue generating activities.

– Adam Myers, Founder/CEO

Why Choose TeleSource Professional Services

Important common themes among our services are that they are;


  1. Available Globally
  2. Contain Flexible Service Delivery Options
  3. Designed to Scale across platforms
  4. Provide Less Chance for Service Disruption
  5. Maintains Geographically Diversity

WHY work with TeleSource?

  1. TeleSource will give you back your precious resources and will:
    1. Become an integral part of your organization as ‘Trusted Advisor’ and ‘Strategic Partner’
    2. Properly align solutions with business objectives and strategies
    3. Show results delivering agnostic technologies and solutions to meet business needs
    4. Effectively manage multiple RFQ’s and RFP’s for domestic and international enterprises from quote to on-going invoice validation.
    5. Shorten procurement and service delivery lifecycles
    6. Provide technical and commercial expertise across both on premise IT and Cloud based infrastructure for design validation.

  2. Optimize Implementation, Customer Care and Service Escalation support.
  3. Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Professional Services Partners:


We start with a simple conversation to learn your unique challenges and needs. TeleSource delivers solutions based on designs that help customers reduce operating expenses, improve productivity so they gain a competitive edge in their marketplace. Call us today to learn how we can help your business.