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Deep Dive

The Deep-Dive Assessment process provides a current, uniquely comprehensive snapshot of your enterprise from a commercial and technical standpoint.

Commercial Assessment Process

The Assessment Process is derived from a thorough review (aka. ‘Audit’) of current service provider contracts and invoices (by line-item charges, surcharges and taxes) across your (Voice and Data) Network, Cloud and Managed Services as a baseline contrasted with current marketplace standards. This will include ‘go forward’ recommendations for your Executive stakeholder team to consider. TeleSource will work closely with you to develop a unique ‘Road Map’ that fits your organizations goals including how to re-invest the 20%+ hard dollar savings typically associated with such Assessments in addition to ‘Right-sizing’ your services to best match your usage.

Technical Assessment Process

Our process is derived from a ‘network assessment’ that will deliver a comprehensive (Visio) snapshot of ‘Key’ applications and devices running across your (WAN) enterprise up to and including; Active Directory (AD), Bandwidth Capacity and Usage, Storage/Backups, Office applications, CRM, ERP etc. with recommendations for remediation of topology to improve performance of existing applications and equipment. Data Snapshots can be delivered in as small as 14 day windows or as an on-going monthly Managed Service regardless of network topology or service provider. Validating your network is ‘best’ engineered to match your usage will save thousands of dollars. Customers can self-remediate or engage TeleSource Professional Services to remediate under a unique Statement of Work (SOW) or Block of Time (BOT).


Any successful IT/ICT infrastructure transformation project involves many moving parts that require micromanagement. Efficiently move through the time-draining processes of technology validation and vendor selection, SLA, and price negotiations. TeleSource’s vendor management application (ApolloCMS) provides a transparent view of vendor status across accounts and service providers. You remain in complete control as you can track inventory in real-time and measure against project milestones as your projects move through their commissioning, billing and decommissioning processes. Effectively manage ongoing application experiences via our Managed Services Platform (MSP) and wonderful reporting tools that are available.

Don’t Enable Cybercrime

“We had production application performance issues that our in-house tools had been unable to resolve. After engaging TeleSource Professional Services, contracting a network health check, and viewing the ‘live’ performance data, we were able to determine the root cause of key issues and to remediate them, successfully capitalizing on our existing infrastructure.”

CIO, Gulfstream Marine, Inc.

We take our customers through a very different ‘personalized’ experience that ensures accurate sharing of information and vendor accountability, ensuring thoughtful execution of informed decisions in a timely manner, reducing non-revenue generating activities.

– Adam Myers, Founder/CEO

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